Department of Forest Protection and Wood Science


General Information. The graduation Department of Forest Protection and Wood Science was founded in 1947. Head of the Department is Zvyagintsev V., PhD (Biology), assistant professor. 


Specialities and Specializations. The Department trains specialists in speciality "Forestry" (specializations: "Hunting Control and Accessory Forest Utilization", "Forest Protection").

The graduates of the Department are employed at various forestry enterprises (forest protection engineers, foresters, forester assistants, forest specialists, forest pathologists etc.), bright students and participants of research work have the possibility to continue education: to do Master's degree and PhD courses.

Academic Activities. The teaching staff of the Department deliver courses of lectures (on 20 disciplines) in 12 specialities and specializations at 5 faculties of the University: lectures on forest protection and forest merchandising - at the forestry faculty, lectures on wood science and forest merchandising - at other faculties.



Innovative teaching methods, including computer technologies with the use of multimedia complexes are widely applied in lecture courses. Subject contests are regularly held.

Facilities. The Department is provided with specialized study rooms on the corresponding disciplines. The research and training laboratories are equipped with up-to-date expensive appliances, including spectrophotometrs, microscopes with high resolving power capacity, microbiological boxes, tester on wood quality control, resistograph, vaccum camera, thermostatic regulator, computers. The department possesses rich fungi, apiary and honey comb appliances, other educational aids. All of them are widely applied in the educational and research work. Students of speciality "Forestry" obtain practical training during summer educational practices at Negoreloe forestry experimental station.

Contact information:

Tel.: +375 17 327 57 13