Department of Landscape Design and Architecture

General Information. The graduation Department of Landscape Design and Architecture was formed in 2009 as a result of reorganization of the Department of Forest Protection and Landscape Design. Speciality "Landscape Architecture” was opened in 1988. Head of the Department is Burganskaya Tamara, PhD (Biology), Assistant Professor. 

Specialities and Specializations

The Department trains specialists in specialities:

  • Construction and Maintenance of Landscape Structures;
  • Landscape Design and Architecture.

The graduates of the Department are highly-qualified specialists in the field of landscape design and architecture. The qualification “Landscape Architecture Engineer” provides the graduates with the possibility to work as landscape designers, heads of improvement afforestation and greenery departments, engineers, specialists in improvement activities, agronomists in various property management organizations, lecturers of specialized disciplines (subjects) at colleges and higher schools, etc.

Academic Activities. The teaching staff deliver courses of lectures on decorative plant cultivation, landscape design, construction and maintenance of landscape architecture objects for specialities: “Landscape Architecture”;  “Forestry”; “Tourism and Nature Management”, “Technology of Woodworking Production” (specialization “Technology and Design of Furniture”).


Facilities. The Department is provided with two training laboratories (a design bureau and decorative plant cultivation laboratory) and is equipped with up-to-date computer engineering, herbaria and collections of decorative plants (at the University and in the BSTU Botanical Gardens), specialized apparatuses and devices for practical and laboratory classes, educational practices.

Contact information:

Tel.: +375 17 327 15 21