Department of Silviculture



General Information. The graduation Department of Silviculture is one of the oldest in Belarus (it was formed in 1921). The teaching staff comprises 11 lecturers, including 3 professors, Doctors of Sciences and 7 PhDs. Head of the Department is Labokha K., PhD (Agriculture).


Specialities and specializations.The Department trains specialists in speciality "Forestry" with specialization "Forest Science and Silviculture", as well as Masters of Sciences and PhDs. The teaching staff are also engaged in retraining and qualification up-grade of professional of specialists.

The graduates of the department are employed at forestry, forest inventory, forest design and forest industrial enterprises, in national parks and nature reserves, at research and educational institutions.
Academic Activities.The teaching staff of the Department deliver courses of lectures (on 15 disciplines) in 8 specialities at 5 faculties of the University. The lectures are related to the study of nature of forest and diversity of shrubs, grassy and woody plants; environmental protection and supervision; forest protection against fires; forest cuttings and natural afforestation; suburban forestry and other forestry issues (Silviculture. Botany. Dendrology. Environmental Protection and Monitoring of Forest Ecosystems. Forest Certification. Radioecology and others).

Innovative information technologies are widely applied in delivering lecture courses and in practical classes. Subject contests are regularly held.

Facilities. The Department is provided with specialized study rooms on silviculture, botany, dendrology. The department study rooms are equipped with collections of grassy, shrubbery and woody plants (herbaria), which contribute to effective training of specialists.
The students obtain practical training during summer educational practices at Negoreloe forestry experimental station, which is equipped with specialized training laboratories.

Contact information:

Tel.: +375 17 327 82 73