Department of Tourism, Nature Management and Game Management


General Information. The graduation department of tourism and nature management was founded in 2009. Head of the Department is Oleg Bakhur, PhD (Biology), Assistant Professor. 

Specialities and Specializations. The Department trains specialists in speciality “Tourism and Nature Management”.


Academic Activities. The teaching staff of the Department deliver courses of lectures on the main speciality and on other subjects: general biology, floristic resources of ecological tourism, principles of tourism service, tourism-recreation activities, advertising, technology and arrangement of service and nourishment (diet) at tourism establishments, enthomology and micology, non-woody forest resources with principles of bee-keeping and fish-breeding, planning and organization of tourism, water resources and tourism, tour-operating, tour guiding, technology and arrangement of excursion service, technology and arrangement of ecological and hunting tourism, ethnographic resources (objects) of tourism, principles of photovideoart, principles of innovative activities, hygiene.

Facilities.The Department is provided with a study room on tourism and a training laboratory on photovideoart which are equipped with up-to-date appliances. A study room on nature management is to be opened soon.

The establishments for student educational practices are supplied with all facilities for favorable students’ living conditions and sport activities.

The prospective graduate professional employment areas comprise specially protected nature areas (protected forests, nature reserves, sanctuaries, national parks, preserves); tourism agencies; forestry establishments; research and development, industrial-commercial and educational institutions; other organizations of the Republic of Belarus.

Forms (types) of professional activities are: organizational-technological, production-administrative, scientific-research, protective-reproductive, design-forecasting, consulting and others in the sphere of tourism and nature management, all of them allowing to apply the obtained knowledge.

Fields of Graduate Professional Employment^
Tourism activities;
Organization of recreation, culture and sport activities;

Student Research and Development Work.

There are student research groups on photovideoart and tourism-sanitation improvement (sanitary) activities at the Department; the members of these groups actively participate in the department research.

Contact information:

Tel.: +375 17 321 23 28; +375 17 226 05 03