International Cooperation

International cooperation focused on formation and development of contacts with higher education institutions and organizations of foreign countries in the field of research and educational process takes an important place in the department’s activity.

Educational environmental project “Summer Academy” (2015)

For the period from August 30th to September 8th in Lower Oder Valley National Park (Germany) was held the third stage of Summer Academy international project with the participation of students of the Forestry Faculty (BSTU), the Faculty of Forestry of Bialystok University of Technology (Poland), Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development (Germany).

The third stage was held under the common name «Back to Wildlife Restoration of Natural Environment in Riparian Forest Ecosystems» and was timed to the 20th anniversary of the Lower Oder Valley National Park creation. On the basis of the Summer Academy’s general theme groups of students worked in the following directions: Flora and Fauna Ecology of the Coastal River Ecosystems (supervisors Oliver Brauner, Thomas Kolling, Katrin Todt); Ecosystem Monitoring – Studying of Dynamics (supervisors Jana Chmieleski, Оleg Bakhur); Stakeholder Analysis of Different Parties Concerned in Use of National Park’s Lands (supervisors Martin Welp, Edgar Wendt, Оleg Bakhur); Social and Economic Situation and Locals’ Attitude to the National Park in the Neighborhoods of Specially Protected Territory (supervisors Christoph Nowicki, Heike Flemming, Dirk Treichel, А. Lednitskiy).

The work of Summer Academy was organized in the following way: for the first two days during live excursions and lectures at the university and national park students had a possibility to get acquainted with peculiarities of the national park, forest vegetation formation conditions, work on preservation and restoration of the unique coastal river systems of Oder river valley.

On the last day of Summer Academy each group of students delivered the final presentation reflecting the main findings. After each presentation everyone involved in Summer Academy had a possibility to ask questions and each student of the group could express his or her opinion concerning asked questions. Among the guests were Jurgen Polzehl (the mayor), Dirk Treichel (the director of the national Park), Audrca Eichenberg (the head of international cooperation Department of the Ministry of Rural Development, Environment and Agriculture of the Federal state of Brandenburg), Professor Wolf-Henning von der Wense.

Project financing is effected on account of the funds of German Federal Environmental Protection Fund (DBU).

International program "Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus"

September, 15 2016 in Lida, Karelichy – District Executive Committee, within the framework of «Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus» international program was held a regular meeting with foreign partners, where N. T. Yushkevich took an active participation. The following projects were discussed during negotiations: Travel to the Past and Ecobusiness in the Hands of Youth. As a result, applications were prepared and sent, contest results data was held and it is now expected.

International scientific conference "Polsko-bialoruskie związki literackie, językowe i kulturowe"

30/11 – 01/12/2016 in Poland, Warsaw, was held "Polsko-bialoruskie związki literackie, językowe i kulturowe" international scientific conference timed to 60th anniversary of the Department of Belarusian Studies of Warsaw University. On the 1st of December during the section of cultural studies N. I. Zdanovich made a report concerning Silesia ceramic of the end of XVI - early XVII century and its influence on the production of glazed pottery in Belarus (according to archaeological and written sources).