Department of Biotechnology

Biotechnology is one of the rapidly developing branches of science and industry which is based on the achievements of chemistry, biology and physics in order to use microbial, vegetable and animal cells in industry, agriculture, medicine, in obtaining energy resources and in environmental protection.

About the Department. This is a graduating Department. The Head of the Department is Viktor Leontiev, PhD (Chemistry), Assistant Professor.

Specialities and Specializations. The Department trains specialists in   Biotechnology and Bioecology, specializations: "Biotechnology of Energy Resources"; "Technology of Enzymes, Vitamins and Fermentation Products"; "Technology of Fats, Essential Oils and Cosmetics".

Academic Activities. Annually 90 professionals who specialize in biotechnology and bioecology and who are in demand at enterprises of different branches of industry and agriculture graduate from the University.

In 2012 it started to train specialists in Technology of Medicines, specializations: "Industrial Technology of Medicines and Pharmaceuticals",  "Fine Organic Synthesis".

The scope of professional activities of the Department graduates includes:

  • maintenance of industrial and technological activity at enterprises of pharmaceutical and microbiological industries;
  • design of biotechnological and pharmaceutical enterprises;
  • development of technologies of medicinal products, vitamins, enzymes and other biologically active substances;
  • microbiological control of equipment and workrooms;
  • control of technological processes using physico-chemical, biochemical and microbiological methods;
  • maintaining of culture collections of industrial strains of microorganisms;
  • scientific and experimental work in chemistry of natural compounds and fine chemical synthesis, microbe synthesis of biologically active substances, and technology of the manufacture of pharmaceutical substances and finished medicinal products.

Quality training of specialists is due to proper organization of the educational process. The Department systematically and consistently expands its material and technical facilities, improves the level of scientific research, makes mutually beneficial contacts with industrial enterprises, scientific institutions and Universities of the Republic of Belarus.

Facilities. The Department includes 5 laboratories :

  • 1 educational laboratory;
  • 1 laboratory for hydrobiological methods of analysis;
  • 1 laboratory for biomolecular methods of analysis;
  • 1 bioenergetics laboratory;
  • 1 laboratory for instrumental methods of analysis.


The Department is equipped with modern research devices manufactured by the world leading producers of complex equipment:

  • genetic analyzer DNA (sequenator) Applied Biosystems 310;
  • Real-time amplifier Tower;
  • high-speed centrifuge Sigma 3K30;
  • chromatograph Agilent 7820 A;
  • Kueldal system of nitrogen analysis (Germany);
  • spectrophotometers SPECORD M 40 and 200;
  • freeze drier Cool Safe 100-9 Pro.

Contact information:

Tel.: +375 17 327 28 03