Department of Chemical Processing of Wood

About the Department. The Department of Chemical Processing of Wood was founded in 1964. This is a graduating Department. The Head of the Department is Chernaya N. V., Professor, D.Sc. (Engineering). The Department staff comprises 11 teachers, including 2 D.Sc., 8 PhD (Engineering) and 1 PhD (Chemistry).

Specialities and Specializations. The Department trains specialists in Chemical Technology of Wood Processing, specializations "Technology of Hydrolysis and Microbiological Production", "Technology of Wood Boards and Plastics", "Technology of Wood Chemistry Production", "Technology of Pulp and Paper Production". Also the Department trains specialists at the second stage of higher education (Master’s degree courses).

Academic Activities. During their studies students get deep knowledge of theoretical disciplines and acquire practical skills. The Department delivers courses for students studying graduation speciality, including:

  • Equipment of hydrolysis and microbiological production, Bioconversion of vegetable raw materials, Biochemistry and microbiology (specialization Technology of hydrolysis and microbiological production).
  • Technology of wood boards and plastic materials, Equipment of wood boards and plastic materials enterprises, Technology of wood boards and plastic materials finishing, Technology of wood composite materials and articles (specialization Technology of wood boards and plastics).
  • Technology of rosin-turpentine and rosin-extraction production, Chemistry of turpenoids, Technology of extraction of biologically active substances from wood green, Pyrogenetic processing of wood, Equipment of wood chemistry enterprises (specialization Technology of wood chemistry production).
  • Technology of pulp, Technology of wood mass, Technology of paper and cardboard, Synthetic materials at manufacture of printing paper, Equipment of pulp and paper production enterprises, Technology of treatment and processing of pulp, paper and cardboard (specialization Technology of pulp and paper production).

Professional training of engineers-chemists-technologists in chemical technology of wood processing is aimed at the fulfillment of the following tasks:

  • organization and management of production work at chemical and forest industry enterprises;
  • development and registration of regulations for organization and carrying out production technological processes on mechano-chemical chemical and biochemical processing of wood;
  • quality control and compliance with regulations during technological and laboratory processes at chemical and forest industry enterprises;
  • planning, organization and professional activities at chemical and forest industry enterprises;
  • maintenance of equipment and control devices at enterprises for chemical processing of wood and other vegetable raw materials;
  • selection and training of qualified personnel;
  • development and measures aimed at improving the efficiency of technological processes of complex chemical processing of wood.

Facilities.  The Department is equipped with unique facilities for production and analysis of different types of paper and cardboard:

  • sheet-making apparatus “Rapid-Kothen” (manufacturer “Ernst Haage”, Germany);
  • device for determining compressive resistance at a short distance – Compression strength tester (manufacturer “Lorentzen & Wettre”, Sweden);
  • device for determining bending resistance – Bending resistance tester (manufacturer “Lorentzen & Wettre”, Sweden);
  • device for determining tensile strength – Tensile tester (manufacturer “Lorentzen & Wettre”, Sweden);
  • device for determining bendtsen smoothness – Bendtsen tester (manufacturer “Lorentzen & Wettre”, Sweden);
  • thickness tester of paper and cardboard;
  • brightness and colour characteristics photometer “Kolir”;
  • modern equipment for analysis of fibrous slurry: fractionator MessmerBuchel (manufacturer Bauer McNett, Great Britain);
  • device for measuring the particle charge CAS Charge Analyzing System;
  • device for determining fibre zeta-potential FPA; Programmed rotary viscosimeter Brookfield DV-II+Pro.


Contact information:

Tel.: +375 17 327 80 46