Department of Oil and Gas Processing and Petroleum Chemistry

The Department of Oil and Gas Processing and Petrochemistry as an independent unit was formed in September, 2017 by reorganizing the Department of Technology of Petrochemical Synthesis and Polymer Materials Processing.

Head of the Department – Associate Professor, PhD (Chemistry), A. I. Yusevich.

The Department of Oil and Gas Processing and Petrochemistry has a great scientific, technological and personnel potential, providing training for highly-qualified personnel and contributing to the solution of scientific and technical problems for the sustainable development of fundamental sciences and the industrial complex of the Republic of Belarus. The department is composed of 7 faculty members, including 1 DSc, 5 PhDs.

The department staff holds the events for vocational guidance of schoolchildren and future applicants aimed at assisting young people in professional self-determination and choosing the optimal type of employment, taking into account their needs and possibilities.

The Department of Oil and Gas Processing and Petrochemistry provides training for skilled specialists and highly qualified scientific personnel (PhDs) in the following specialities:

I degree of higher education:

Speciality 1-48 01 02 “Chemical technology of organic substances, materials and products” specialization 1-48 01 02 01 “Technology of basic organic and petrochemical synthesis”

II degree of higher education (Master's degree programme):

1-48 80 03 "Technology of organic substances"

1-48 80 05 "Chemical technology of fuels and high-energy substances"

Postgraduate Studies in the speciality:

05.17.04   "Technology of organic substances."

The department focuses on the development of students’ skills in engineering thinking, professional and research activities.

The department carries out research work within the following scientific fields:

  • Development of modifying additives for the intensification of primary and secondary oil refining and petroleum products.

·    Biofuels production.

·    Recycling rubber waste.

·    Synthesis and study of the properties of organometallic frameworks.

·    Synthesis of vulcanizing agents and stabilizers for tire rubber.

·    Synthesis and study of the properties of uralkyd oligomers.

The laboratories of the department are equipped with modern facilities that allow to conduct world-class research and train qualified specialists.

The department cooperates with a number of industrial enterprises and scientific organizations: the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Belneftekhim Сoncern, OJSC “Naftan” (Novopolotsk), OJSC “Mozyr Oil Refinery” (Mozyr), OJSC “Belorusneft, Belaruskali” (Soligorsk), OJSC “Belgorkhimprom” (Soligorsk), OJSC “Grodno Azot”, (Grodno), OJSC “Plant of Mountain Wax” (Svisloch), JV OJSC “Krovlya” (Osipovichi), PUE “Neftebitumny zavod” (Minsk region, Koleina village), St. Petersburg Technological University (Russia), Atyrau Institute oil and gas (Kazakhstan), etc.

The Department of Oil and Gas Processing and Petrochemistry is open to cooperation in the field of: exchange of specialists for the purpose of lecturing; internships for teachers and postgraduate students; conducting joint research; academic exchanges; training of foreign students; holding international conferences and other scientific and technical events; development of scientific and technical solutions and implementation of research works for enterprises and organizations of the chemical industry and other fields.