Department of Organic Chemistry

About the Department. The Department of Organic Chemistry was founded in 1964 (by reorganization of the Department of General and Organic Chemistry). The Head of the Department is Sergey Mikhalyonok ,PhD (Chemistry), Assistant Professor. The Department provides general education of all students qualifying in chemical-technological specialities.

Academic Activities. The Department trains specialists for more than 20 specialities of chemical-technological, forestry and technological profile. The Department delivers the following courses: Organic chemistry, Organic chemistry and high-molecular compounds, Food chemistry, Pharmaceutical chemistry, Chemistry of liquid crystalline materials. The Department trains specialists at the second stage of higher education (Master’s courses).  Laboratory works in organic synthesis are based on the methodology which provides independent research of students. Laboratory works include elements of research and experimental tasks in the synthesis and identification of organic substances. To prepare compounds and define their physical-chemical and spectral characteristics special laboratory equipment is used.

The main education methodological activities of the Department are:

  • development of manuals which combine principles of organic chemistry and its new achievements;
  • creation and introduction in the educational process of new forms and methods based on traditional and computer technologies.

Facilities. The Department includes 6 educational and 4 research laboratories  which are equipped with chemical fume hoods and dryers, electronic balance, magnetic and mechanical mixers, vacuum pumps, rotary evaporators, refractometers, modern instruments for measuring boiling and melting temperature, chemicals for analysis and synthesis of organic substances.

Research. The Department has synthesized more than 1500 new carbon and heterocyclic compounds of great biological activity and with liquid crystalline properties.

The Department has developed environmentally friendly, oxidative organo-solvent methods for wood delignification and flax processing as well as new technologies of wood pulp and wood board production. Methods for producing organo-mineral fertilizers, stabilizers and fillers of polymeric compounds have been proposed.

The areas of scientific and research activities implemented by the Department are as follows:

  • synthesis and structural and functional study of phytoprostans, natural polyketides and related compounds;
  • development of methods for the synthesis of physiologically active and DNA-intercalating polyfunctional heterocyclic compounds;
  • synthesis and study of physical and chemical properties of liquid crystalline compounds.

At present the Department is working out innovative electronic tutorials on Theoretical Foundations of Organic Chemistry.

Contact information:

Tel.: +375 17 327 63 54