Department of Philosophy and Law



About the Department. The Department of Philosophy and Law was founded on the bases of the Department of Social Sciences (1934). Pavel Vodopyanau, Doctor of Philosophic Sciences, Professor, Academician of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus, directed work of the Department since 1982. Nowadays, head of the Department is Pyotr M. Burak, Candidate of Philosophic Sciences, Assistant Professor. 

Academic Activities. The Department is not a graduating one. For this reason it delivers courses in Philosophy for students of all faculties, in Philosophy and Methodology of Science for Masters and Post-Graduates. The Department staff gives lectures in the following 11 subjects: Philosophy, Sociology, Economic Law, International law, Basis of intellectual property management, Legal regulation at the real estate market, and etc.

Introduction of a new State Educational Standard encouraged the Department staff in publishing new curriculum and courses in such subjects as “Labor Law” and “Legal Regulation of Travel Activity”.

Also 8 textbooks were published for full and part-time students that give fundamental knowledge in scientific- and-philosophical world outlook, important skills of understanding and analyzing laws of structure and development of nature, stability and dynamics of biosphere, aspects of modern ecological policy, social psychology, formation of co-evolutional strategy, and etc.

Educative work at the department is also diverse. The Department staff organizes different measures, directed at developing ecological and legal culture, active social position of students. Since 2006 the Department has been monitoring social values of modern youth, the obtained results being used for improving students’ work.

There is a great scope of scientific problems investigated by the Department staff:

  • problems of evolutionary biology, global problems of the present (Pavel A. Vodopyanau);
  • methodology of scientific cognition, problems of co-evolutionary strategy and noospheregenesis, philosophy of noosphere education (Pyotr M. Burak);
  • social and political theory (O.F. Orishina);
  • philosophical problems of orthodox Christianity (N. M. Kozhik);
  • problems of intellectual history, formation and functioning of social memory (O. A. Matusevich);
  • peculiarities of implementation of economic and investment activity in the Republic of Belarus (L. A. Kulis), and etc.

In last five years the Department staff has published more than 200 monographs, manual, and scientific articles in Belarusian and foreign scientific journals.

Students, masters and Post-graduates are also involved in carrying out scientific work at the Department.

Contact Information of the Department. The Department of Philosophy and Law is located in the academic building #4, room number 342. The Department phone number is (+375 17) 327 71 95.