Research and Innovation

Scientific research at the Department is carried out on the following themes:

1. «The main trends of  the technosphere in conditions of  global  instability» Supervisors: Vodopyanov P.A., Burak P.M., Krivorot’ko V.V., Podruchny M.V.

2. «Sociocultural and ecological foundations of a secure future in conditions of global instability». Supervisors: Vodopyanov P.A., Burak P.M.

3. «Ideological attitudes and forms of  activity of modern Orthodoxy in Belarus». Supervisors: Kogich N.M.

4. «Structure and dynamics of  public consciousness of  transit societies». Supervisors: Matusevich O. A., Podruchny M.V.

5. «Legal regulation of social values». Supervisors: Kulis L. A., Sergeeva E.M.

Information about scientific interests of lecturers

Vodopyanov Pavel – Corresponding Member of Belarus NAS, Professor, D.Sc. (Philosophy)

Philosophy of science and technique, formation and becoming of new civilization, problems of evolutional biology, global ecological problems of our times, problems of interdisciplinary synthesis of modern science

Burak Peter – Head of  the Department, Associate Professor, PhD(Philosophy)

Philosophy of science and technique, methodology of scientific knowledge, problems of coevolutional strategy and noospherogenesis, philosophy noospheric education, world outlook  security of society, the evolution of post industrialism  and  becoming  noospheric society, problems of civilizational conformism consumer society 

Kulis Lidia –  Associate Professor, PhD (Philosophy)

Features of commercial and investment activities in Belarus

Kogich Natalya – Associate Professor, Ph.D. (Philosophy)

Philosophy problems of orthodox Christianity