Department of Physical and Colloid Chemistry

General Information

The department was founded in 1961 as a Department of Physical, Analytical and Colloidal Chemistry.

The department works with students of 5 faculties as well as Institute for Retraining and Professional Development.

It offers study programs leading to PhD Degree.

In 1986–1994 after the scientific supervising of D. Sci L. Bashkirov there was carried out research on magnetic properties of ferrite solid solutions. These research results allowed to synthesize new ferromagnetic materials and were the scientific base of VHS-recorders, credit cards and floppy disks production.

Since 2005 the Head of the Department is Assistant Professor Galina Dudchik, PhD (Chemistry).

Academic Activities
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Physical and Colloidal Chemistry
  • General, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry
  • Surface Phenomena and Disperse Systems

Contact information:

Tel.: +375 (17) 327 72 27

E-mail: [email protected]