Department of Physical-Chemical Methods of Products Certification

The Department was founded 15 years ago to supply the national industry with engineers who could test any kind of custom goods using the most advanced instruments and methods as well as provide development of quality assurance systems. During the run period over a thousand of highest quality specialists graduated from. They are the elite of engineering cohort being the most educated in fundamentals and applied sciences and due to excellent practical training at the best enterprises.


It is the youngest department at the university in age of professors and researchers and this is among the reasons of it intensive development. Most of personnel got their research doctor degree in physics, chemistry or applied science. And there is a good master and doctorate courses that provide the Department with new people and ideas.

Nowadays, there are three programs within the mainstream of the Department. They are focused on the different commodities like food, medicines and industrial goods. Academic disciplines are in good touch with applied needs of these branches at the educational track of the students who also are provided with a real practice, which helps their fast adjusting to the conditions of real life when they graduate from the university.


The research and students’ training laboratories are equipped with traditional and up-today automatic devices to measure and investigate any physical, chemical or microbiological features of any sample of interest. The equipment producers are worldwide because we buy it in Europe, United States, Japan, Russia etc. The students’ research papers often appear at the pages of scientific magazines in Belarus and abroad. There is a number of winners on different national and international competitions among the Department’s students.

The students can participate in the run here R&D projects. The field of our interest is chromatography, NMR, spectroscopy, thermodynamics, microbiology of food methods, and more. The Dept is among the most successful units of the university on fundraising, so we can provide our students better than others.

The educational program, which is offered to the students, includes intensive two semester course of mathematics, also two semesters of general physics, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry, basics in computer science, electronics, engineer graphics and electro technique. The system approach and critical thinking are developed by the courses of Systems Analyses, Innovations and Industrial Property. Special part of education covers all the scientific areas, which are developed at the Department, as well as supplementary disciplines like experiment organization, result treatment, bases of economics, ecology, and industrial control. The attention is paid to the sector of industrial quality organization and providing. This is ensured with the courses on metrology, standardization, nondestructive testing, quality systems, and etc.

Recently we have started with foreign students. Currently we run all the courses in Russian but there is a lot of fluent in English at the Department who can consult the aliens. So, we offer master and doctorate courses to everybody who speaks English and intend to study Russian simultaneously.

Contact information:

Tel.: +375 17 327 74 32