Equipment of laboratories of chemical methods of  the analysis:

• TitratorsTitroLine easy modul 2 (Germany);

• Analytical scale OhausAR 2140;

• Technical scale Ohaus;

• Laboratory furnaces   SNOL-8.2/1100 (Lithuania);

• Laboratory furnaces   SNOL-6.7/100 (Lithuania);

• Water bath-thermostat  ELMI TW-2;

• Thermostat TS 80 M2;

• Thermostat UTU-2;

• A case dry- heat sterilizer GP-40-3;

• A device for determining the melting point SMP11 (Germany);

• Microscopes "Mikmed-5";

• Laboratory centrifuges OPN-3.02 (Russia);

• Programmable oven for preparation of samples for analysis.

Equipment of  laboratories of optical methods of analysis:

• Spectrophotometers PE-5400 UV with software (RF);

• Spectrophotometers PE-5300B (RF);

• Flame photometers PFP-7 with compressor 8515 (Great Britain);

• Spectrofluorimeter SM 2203 (RB);

• RefractometersAbbe2WAJ  (China).

Equipment of laboratories of electrochemical methods of analysis:

• Polarographs universal PU-1;

• Transducers"Modul  EM-04";

• рН-meters pH-150MP;

• Ionomers Hanna HI 8314;

• ConductometerOrion Star A 112 in the complete set STARA1125 (Netherlands);

• Membrane electrodes EM-NO3-07 and others;

• Glass combined laboratory electrodes ESCL-08M.1;

• Electrodes auxiliary laboratory chloride silver EVL-1M3.1.

Chromatographic equipment:

• Chromatograph "Tsvet-800" with software;

• Chromatographic complex based on «Chromatech-Crystal 5000»gas chromatograph.