Services to third parties

In the field of scientific activities:

Development and introduction in practice of the following technologies and services:

- Technology of new oxidic materials of the electronic equipment (oxidic ferromagnetics, ferroelectric material, high-temperature superconductors, thermoelectricians).

- New ferromagnetic materials in the parameters meeting requirements to magnetic environments for vertical data recording (on the basis of magnetic properties of solid solutions of the ferrite of hexagonal structure, by isovalent and heterovalent replacement of ions of iron, cobalt, ions of copper, manganese, magnesium, zinc, titan, tin).

- Own production of magnetic tapes, disks for memory devices (computers, video and radio tape recorders, credit cards, magnetic tickets, radio absorbing material) in Republic of Belarus. Essentially new approach to the choice of the additive to powders of ferrite of barium and strontium leading to increase in coercive force of the permanent magnets made of this ferrite is offered.

- Method of the contacting diffusive couples of receiving thin and thick layers of oxidic high-temperature superconducting connections (mutual diffusion of ions of yttrium, holmium, neodymium for double systems with a continuous number of solid solutions of high-temperature superconducting cuprate of yttrium, holmium, neodymium) (by L. A. Bashkirov).

- Zol-gel method of receiving fine powders of superconducting cuprate of yttrium, some rare-earth elements and solid solutions on their basis from water solutions of acetates and citrates of the corresponding metals (by G. P. Dudchik, L. Ya. Krisko).

- Zol-gel method of receiving fine powders of solid solutions on the basis of semiconductor titanate of barium (by T. A. Shichkova, G. G. Emello).

- Working elements of semiconductor chemical sensors of the gases suitable for detecting of trace amounts of various gases (ethanol, dioxane, etc.) in the atmosphere (by L. A. Bashkirov, G. S. Petrov, A. I. Klyndyuk, S. V. Shevchenko, E. A. Chizhova, L. I. Kunitsky).

- The kinetics of the reactions proceeding during the solid-phase interaction of oxidic compounds of metals leading to formation of superconducting cuprate of rare-earth (REE) and alkaline-earth elements (AEE) (by A. I. Klyndyuk, G. S. Petrov, S. V. Masyuk).

- Mutual diffusion of cations of barium and strontium, cobalt and nickel at mutual solid-phase dissolution of ferrite of hexagonal structure to whom cations of cobalt and nickel move on knots of an octahedral sublattice of shpinelny blocks, and cations of barium and strontium – in the layers dividing these blocks.