Chemical Technology for Inorganic Substances, Materials and Goods

The graduate program emphasizes training and research along the following specializations which students can choose to focus on: technology of mineral fertilizers, salts and alkalies, technology of basic inorganic synthesis, technology of catalysts and adsorbents, technology of mineral resources dressing, technology of products of fine inorganic synthesis, pure substances and agents, technology of glass and glass ceramics, chemical technology of binders, technology of binder-based building materials, technology of inorganic polymer binding and composite materials, technology of fine functional and building ceramics, technology of enamels and protective coatings, chemical technology of refractory materials, chemical technology of materials and articles of vacuum electronics, chemical technology of quantum and solid-state electronics.

Term of study: 4.5 years

Career: Chemical Industrial Engineer


Technology of Mineral Fertilizers, Salts and Alkalies

Technology of Basic Inorganic Synthesis

Technology of Inorganic Synthesis Products, Pure Substances and Agents

Technology of Catalysts and Absorbents

Technology of Mineral Resources Dressing

Technology of Glass and Glass Ceramics

Technology of Fine Functional and Building Ceramics

Technology of Binder-Based Building Materials

Chemical Technology of Binding Materials

Chemical Technology of Quantum and Solid-State Electronics

Technology of Inorganic Polymer Binding and Composite Materials

Technology of Enamels and Protective Coatings

Chemical Technology of Materials and Articles of Vacuum Electronics

Chemical Technology of Refractory Materials