Forestry Engineering and Wood Technology Faculty

The industrial processing of wood is not only vital for the Belarusian economy, but is also important in order to reach environmental goals for a sustainable society. Modern forest and wood industry involves high-technology equipment and a global market requires highly-trained professionals.
The faculty degree programmes focus on wood and forest engineering as well as on power engineering and furniture design and manufacture. The programmes also introduce you to current research in these areas.

Graduate programs




Forestry Engineering

Technology of Forest Industry

Industrial Engineer

Forest transport (forest roads and timber transportation)

Woodworking Technology

Woodworking technology

Industrial Engineer

Furniture design and technology

Machines and Mechanisms for Forest Complex

Machines and mechanisms for forest industry

Mechanical Engineer

Machines and mechanisms for woodworking industry

Energy-effective Technology and Energy Management

Energy-effective technology in chemical industry

Energy Management Engineer

Energy-effective technology in forest complex

Vocational Training


Technical Training Engineer