Organic Substances Technology Faculty

The Faculty focuses on education and research in the fields of science and engineering based on organic chemistry, petrochemical technology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and polymer technology, perfume-cosmetics production, etc. Students will acquire up-to-date laboratory skills, get acquainted with the machines and apparatus used in the chemical industry and develop expertise in a more specific technology within the industries named above. The development of personal maturity, intellectual growth, and strong sense of social responsibility are other aspects of education at the faculty.

Students acquire high-quality engineering training and special skills in professional and research work in chemical, petrochemical, pulp-and-paper, wood processing, pharmaceutical, microbiological, perfume-cosmetics, food and other branches of industry and agriculture.








Graduate programs




Chemical Technology of Organic Substances, Materials and Goods

Technology of basic organic and petrochemical synthesis

Chemical Industrial Engineer

Technology of paint-work materials

Technology of plastic mixtures

Technology of elastomers processing

Technology of plastics processing

Design of articles from polymers and moulding tools

Technology of chemical fibres

Technology of surface-active materials and synthetic detergents

Chemical Technology of Wood Processing

Technology of pulp and paper production

Chemical Industrial Engineer

Technology of wallboards and plastics

Technology of wood chemistry production

Technology of Hydrolysis and Microbiological Production


Technology of Enzymes, Vitamins and Fermentation Products

Chemical Industrial Engineer

Biotechnology of Energy Carriers

Technology of Fats, Ether Oils and Perfume-Cosmetics Products



Industrial Ecology Engineer

Technology of Medicinal Drugs

Industrial Technology of Medicinal Drugs

Chemical Industrial Engineer

Fine Organic Synthesis

Physical-Chemical Methods and Devices for Quality Control

Industrial Products Certification

Certification Engineer

Foodstuffs Certification

Pharmaceuticals Certification