International Students


International students are welcome to the Belarusian State Technological University!

The University admits foreign citizens, having the background education corresponding to the level of general secondary education in Belarus. Besides, BSTU admits individuals having the Bachelor degree to Master Courses. Those foreign citizens who have got a higher education on the level of Master of Sciences and experience of work in their speciality are admitted as Post-graduate-students. Foreign students having a higher education on the level of Master of Sciences and having a command of the language of instruction can be assigned to BSTU as applicants for the scientific Doctoral studies (Ph.D.), and those who have a Ph.D. degree may pursue a Doctor of Science degree (D.Sc.) in order to prepare a thesis under the guidance of a scientific supervisor.    

There is an INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS OFFICE  at the University. 

Residents of Central and South America, Iran, Iraq, Vietnam, Syria, Libya, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Ghana, China, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and other countries study at the BSTU.       

The following training opportunities are offered for international students:

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