At the current stage of its development the University supports the following key strategic initiatives on internationalization:

  • to implement and advance the university-wide internationalization strategy;
  • to support BSTU academic staff and researchers in the initiation of long-term international partnerships;
  • to enhance the appeal of Belarusian State Technological University as destination of choice for international applicants, doctoral students, renowned professors from abroad;
  • to increase the international visibility of Belarusian State Technological University and its academic staff;
  • to position Belarusian State Technological University as an innovative force in international discourses on current topics of higher engineering education.

BSTU maintains cooperation with about 200 educational and research centres, enterprises and companies from more than 45 countries worldwide within bilateral and multilateral cooperation agreements. The University academic staff and students participate in various international programs and projects (CEI, DAAD, Erasmus +, Baltic Sea Region, etc.) and carry out a number of joint innovative research projects with domestic and foreign organizations.

The international student community of BSTU annually totals over 350 students coming from such countries as Turkmenistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Nigeria, China, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Finland, Czech Republic, Mexico, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Bangladesh, etc. They are offered a variety of degree programs to include: over 50 Russian- and English-taught graduate programs, 37 Master’s degree programs, 35 PhD programs.

With a view to the recent integration of Belarusian higher education into the European Higher Education Area, BSTU is strongly focused on adopting the Bologna principles and introducing them into the curricula across the university. BSTU aims at:

  • promoting and adopting education and training abroad experience;
  • increasing interaction between international students, visiting scholars and lecturers;
  • promoting and supporting study abroad programs with special attention to Erasmus+ (studies in the EU universities), etc.

The University favours mobility of students and teachers through a number of international mobility programs as well as state-funded scholarships and grants. Temporary study abroad is expected to have a positive impact on personal and academic development and to be an important experience for the professional career. The mobility is supposed to help students and staff to be internationally competent and well-prepared for job requirements.