Centre for Technology Transfer

Contact: tel./fax: +375 17 327 30 21

e-mail: ctt@belstu.by

The University has its own Centre for Technology Transfer with its main function of acting as an intermediary between the University and industry professionals and helping the University scholars and inventors to commercialize their technology.  The Centre also aims at monitoring inventions and research works of BSTU and preparing marketing materials to promote the University’s research outputs. 

The University researchers are closely linked to the industry professionals and maintain collaboration with more than 150 domestic public and private companies and enterprises. More than 200 commercial contracts are concluded annually, the contracted items being the applied research results of the University.

In 2014, 56 applications for inventions and useful model were submitted to the National Intellectual Property Office for patenting. For the last two years the University obtained more than 90 patents for inventions and useful models.

The University runs its own Business Centre which is aimed at facilitating the transfer of the technologies developed by students and young researchers to the industrial and socioeconomic sectors. 

Various tech transfer models and methods are used for commercializing the technologies on the domestic and international markets.

The University researchers regularly participate in brokerage events, fairs and exhibitions, workshops and conferences to present and promote their technologies and inventions to the industry professionals and prospective partners.

Annually about 20 scientific-technical events (conferences, symposia, workshops, etc.) are held under BSTU.   

Marketing materials to promote innovations, inventions and technologies of the University are regularly published in electronic and print media of Belarus. The promotional materials cover leaflets, catalogues in Russian, English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish and are presented at various international fairs and exhibitions.

The promotional data are regularly updated and included in electronic and print catalogue “Innovation technologies of BSTU” which is then published on the official BSTU website and websites of different international R&D databases.