TECHNOLOGY OF FIBER MANUFACTURING (PAPER MONOLITHIC MATERIAL) Chemical processing of wood. Technology of paper and cardboard

Description: Fiber - a solid monolithic material prepared by gluing and pressing layers of paper-base treated by parchmentize reagent.

There are 10 types of fibers with different properties and purpose:

- For the manufacture of high-strength components;
- As gaskets for oxygen;
- For thermal insulation;
- For sealing joints in metal structures and pipelines;
- For the manufacture of machines and devices;
- As an insulating material;
- As a construction material.

Specific properties of the fibers (depending on the technology):

- Increased fire resistance;
- Ultra-high mechanical strength;
- Low density (1.2-1.5 g/cm3 according to DIN 7737);
- Fiber products can withstand pressure up to 40.0 MPa;
- Elasticity;
- High dielectric strength;
- Unsurpassed extinguishing properties;
- Easily molded into products of various shapes;
- Easily processed mechanically: it can be sawed, cut, shave, drill, mill, grind on lathes, apply any profile carving, sanding, polishing, etc.
- Not soluble in kerosene, gasoline, alcohol, acetone, etc. and mercury.


Fiber with a combination of physical and mechanical properties excelling PCB, getinaks and some plastics and in parallel is much cheaper.
Fiber can replace metal products and metal parts due to its strength and durability.

Stage of development:  innovative proposals and practical recommendations on BSTU commercialize small-tonnage production of fiber.

Application field:

• machinery - as cushioning material in the pumps, hydraulic presses, in gasoline and oil lines, carburetors, high-pressure pipelines (40.0 MPa) for different kinds of gases and liquids, for making silent gears, rollers, sleeves at a pressure up to 40.0 MPa;
• electrical engineering - for the production of electrical insulating pads, buttons, tubular fuse, arms, beam circuit breakers, fuses shooting, lighting fixtures, etc.;
• automotive industry - as a material for tubes ignition wires, electrical components, pads under suspension, flaps, gear and other equipment;
• aircraft industry - equipment for the manufacture of parts, petrol and oil tanks, seats for pilots.

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