Description: Products are made from highly filled (70%) composite materials based on thermoplastic polymers, including secondary weighing up to 5 kg in terms of dimensions to 1,0х0,5 m with different thickness, rib, tides, bosses, inserts etc. Decorative coatings can be applied in the process of molding products.

Advantages: Products could be radiotransparent, could have resistance to aggressive environments. Low mass, while maintaining the required rigidity and strength.

The structural design, technology, type of equipment and materials of products are chosen depending on the purpose and volume of production.

The polymers with low and high toughness large-scale production can be used, as well as secondary polymers (polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, ABS, PET, etc.). To reduce the cost and to improve performance fillers of different nature (textile, vegetable and mineral origin) can be used.

It is possible to obtain non-waste products as well as disposal after the exploitation cycle is completed.

Stage of development: Technology. Methods of products molding have been tested on many high-secondary polymers and highly filled compositions at the BSTU laboratory and experimental-industrial conditions.

Samples of materials.

Mock-ups of products.

Application field:

Products for the military and industry, automotive, construction, sports and tourism, agricultural, for public utilities.
- Different types of targets,
- Parts of car engines,
- Container for carrying and protecting valuable equipment,
- Strengthening of soil elements: geogrid, tiles, borders, etc.
- Plastic bullets,
- Fixing elements made of reinforced thermoplastics,
- Gears, pulleys made of reinforced materials,
and etc.

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