Student Research


Dear students! 

Welcome to Student Research Work if you wish to become well-educated specialists mastering new technologies and if you are planning to build new scientific theories as well as to  show your creativity.


The research work of students (SRW) is one of the most important means of improving the quality of training specialists, as well as implementing the educational and research paradigm of education. Therefore, along with fundamental knowledge, university students receive a complex of various types of knowledge aimed at developing creative activity and independent learning.

This work is carried out at the educational-material and research base of the departments and laboratories, as well as the scientific and technical base of the institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and a number of enterprises that are the branches of the departments of the university, where fourth-year and fifth year students conduct independent scientific research. In many cases the results of these studies are the basis for new research, execution of projects and diploma papers. The share of diploma projects with elements of research at the university was 42.5% in 2015.


Student research work is also performed during extracurricular time, being a continuation of the educational process; it is organized as the work in scientific associations (laboratories, clubs) as well as individually with the scientific supervisor.

The general methodical and organizational leadership of students’ research  at the Belarusian State Technological University is accomplished by the Council on student research work, which is the leading body coordinating the work of all university departments in the scientific research work of students.

Modern material base has been organized at the university which allows students to conduct research on unique equipment at the departments, centers and research laboratories of university-wide use, and on  free basis.

Conferences, contests, exhibitions of scientific works of students of the University are held annually in order to attract students to scientific research and scientific activities.

The best students and undergraduates taking an active part in the student research work are awarded with diplomas or cash prizes; graduates who achieved progress in academic and scientific work are awarded with the BSTU medal "For Excellent Success in Education and Science".