Aliaksandr Hryshkevich

Hryshkevich Aliaksandr

Ph. D. Engineering, assistant professor 


Woodworking machines and tools


 8 (017) 327 43 25

 Свердлова ул. 13А, 139-4

Research interests:

– designing of new designs of woodworking tools and the improvement of existing ones;
– development of rational modes of cutting.


"Wood cutting and wood cutting tool";
"Machining of wood and wood materials"

Main publications:

  • Grishkevich A. A., A. F. Anikeenko team Cylindrical mill variable angular parameters for the processing of wood and wood-based materials. The Republican interdepartmental collection scientific works: Issue 2. Volume 5. "The technology of making machines." – Minsk, 2004. - P. 48-51.
  • Grishkevich A. A., Makarevich S. S. Cutting tool with the variable angles of cutting knives mounted on the support bearings. Trudy BGTU: No. 2(140). The forest and timber industry, – Minsk, 2011 –P. 219-224.