Ekaterina Trusova


Ekaterina Trusova

Associate Professor, PhD


Glass and Ceramics Technology Department

Contact details

 +375 29 767 43 37, 8 (017) 327 43 08

 trusova@belstu.by, trusovakaterina@mail.ru

 Sverdlova St. 13a, 406-2

Research interests:

Chemical technology, glass and ceramics technology, scintillation glasses, physical chemistry, material characterization, advanced materials, ecological composite materials, nanomaterials, nanoparticles, thin films, nanostructures, high temperature materials.


Physical chemistry of refractory non-metal and silicate materials.

Modelling and optimization of chemical-technological processes in the industry.

Technology and equipment of ceramic production.

Technological processes in the manufacture technical glass.

List of publications​: 

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