Halina Valchankova


Halina Valchankova



Department of Landscape Design and Architecture

Contact details

 8 (017) 327 15 21


 Sverdlova St. 13a, 326-4

Research interests:

Landscape architecture, construction and maintenance of landscape structures, decorative plant cultivation, floral design, plant protection


  • Drawing and Perspective
  • Drawing and Basics of Composition
  • Urban Open Spaces Systems
  • Floriculture
  • Floral Design
  • History and Theory of Landscape Art
  • Construction and Maintenance of Landscape Structures
  • Small Garden Design
  • Computer Technology in Landscape Design
  • Garden Architectural Forms

List of publications​: 

  • Volchenkova, G.A., Zviagintsev, V.B. (2011) Development of biological methods, reducing harmfulness of Heterobasidion spp. Problems of Forestry. Vol. 71. Gomel, p. 445–455 [in Russian].
  • Volchenkova, G.A., Zviagintsev, V.B., Savitskiy A.V. (2013) Screening of Phlebiopsis gigantea (Fr.) Jülich strains according to their colonization ability on pine stumps after fellings. Proceedings of BSTU. Minsk, Belarussian State Technological University, p. 147–150.
  • Volchenkova, G.A. (2013) Screening of the strains of Phlebiopsis gigantea (Fr.) Jülich in vitro according to antagonistic properties to Heterobasidion spp. Youth in Science – 2012. Minsk, National Academy of Science of the Republic of Belarus, p. 17–21 [in Russian].
  • Volchenkova, G.A., Zviagintsev, V.B., Zhdanovich S.A. (2014) Ranking of silvicultural areas by the threat of annosum root rot in pine stands. Proceedings of BSTU. Minsk, Belarussian State Technological University, p. 136–139.
  • Zviagintsev, V.B., Volchenkova, G.A. (2014) Transformation of Heterobasidion annosum pathogenesis during intensification of forestry management. Fungal Communities of Forest Ecosystems. Moscow–Petrozavodsk, Karelian Scientific Centre Publ., p. 15–25 [in Russian].​