Ivan Pishch

Ivan Pishch




Department of Glass and Ceramics Technology


Research interests:

Synthesis ceramic pigments.

Rheology of ceramic suspensions.

Front ceramic brick.


Porous blocks and other building materials.


Technology of building ceramics.

Equipment and enterprise sub-sector (ceramic production).

Educational research work of students.

Diploma projection.

List of publications​: 

  • Pishch I.V., Biryuk V.A., Klimosh Y.A., Popov R.Y., Shidlovskii A.V. Properties of Ceramic Wall Materials with Different Burnable Components  // Glass and Ceramics. 2015. Volume 72, № 1. Р. 57–60.
  • Maslennikava G.N., Pishch I.V., Gvozdeva N.A. Synthesis of ceramic pigments with mervinite crystal structure //  Glass and ceramics.  2013. Vol. 69, № 9–10.  Р. 330–332.
  • Pishch I.V., Кlimosh Yu.А., Gabalov Е.V.  The influence of water-reducing admixture on rheological properties of ceramic slips // Proceedings of BSTU.  Chemistry and technology of inorganic substances, 2013.  № 3. Р. 101-104. 
  • Pishch I.V., Maslennikova G.N., Podbolotov K.B., Karizna Yu.A., Belyakovich I.V. Silica based pigments // Glass and Ceramics. 2011. No. 3, Р. 3 – 7.
  • Pishch I.V., Maslennikova G.N., Podbolotov K.B., Gvozdeva N.A. Synthesis of pigments based on the calcium-silicate system // Glass and Ceramics. 2011. Vol. 67. № 11. Р. 380-382.
  • Maslennikova G.N., Pishch I.V., Gvozdeva N.A. Particularities of the synthesis of pigments with corundum - Spinel structure  // Glass and Ceramics. 2009. Vol. 66, № 1, Р. 5–7.