Tatyana Shachek


Shachek Tatyana

Associate Professor, PhD Degree in engineering


Department of Physical-Chemical Methods of Products Certification

Contact details

 +375 33 602-14-69, + 375 29 302-45-18,  +375 17 327-22-52


 Sverdlova St. 13a, 102-1

Research interests:

Vegetable raw materials quality indexes research, development and perfecting of the technological modes of its processing, products characteristics measurement realization techniques, dangers identification and the analysis in a process of manufacture food products, critical reference points definition on their basis and limits for development safety management systems.


"Products monitoring chemical analysis",

"Quality management system".

List of publications​: 

  • Modes of measurement of humidity of tinned food by a thermogravimetric method / Shachek T.M., Shklyarevich N.M. In the World of Scientific Discoveries, 2015, № 4.1(64), 687–694 p.
  • Chemical and technological tests of beetroot in the development of technology of obtaining concentrated juice from it /T. M. Shachek, D. E. Ivashko, Z. E. Yegorova. Proceedings of BSTU, 2015, № 4 (177), 216–221 p.
  • Normative and technical providing for the production of the concentrated juice from beetroot /T. M. Shachek, Z. E. Yegorova. Applied and Fundamental Studies: Proceedings of the 9th International Academic Conference. November 21-22, 2015, St. Louis, USA, 44–55 p.