Valery Lukash

Lukash Valery

Head of laboratory of the


«Woodworking machines and tools»

Contact details

    +375 29 707-95-29, 8 (017) 327 43 25

 Sverdlova St. 19a, 20-5

Research interests:

– study of modes of treatment lined plate materials circular saws with carbide plates;

– study of the profiles of the teeth of saws, indexable insert solid alloy;
– preparing the cutting tool for operation (sharpening, balancing).



List of publications​: 

Lukash V. T. Peculiarities of processing of wood lined plate materials circular saws // Proceedings of BSTU. S. II. Forest and woodworking industry. – 2007. – Vol. XV. – С217-221.

Lukash, V. T. Technological stability and initial power when processing laminated particle board saws with flat-trapezoid-consistent profile teeth /

V. T. Lukash, S. A. Grinevich // Proceedings of BSTU. Ser. II, Forest and trees. industry. – 2010. – Vol. XVI. – C. 234-321.

Lukash T. V., Grinevich, S. A. Influence of tooth profile of disk saws with carbide plates on the technological vitality and power consumption when processing the laminated particle board // Proceedings of BSTU.– 2011. – No. 2: Forest and woodworking industry. – С256-262.

Lukash, V. T. Performance carbide tipped circular saw blades with flattriangular profile of the teeth and a concave front face when processing laminated chipboard according to the criterion of quality /

V. T. Lucas, S. A. Grinevich // woodworking: technologies, equipment, management of the XXI century: proceedings of the IX International. Evraz. international Symposium., Ekaterinburg, 23-25 September 2014 /the Urals. leatehr. University; under the editorship of V. G. Novoselov. – Ekaterinburg, 2014, Pp. 170-175.