Dormitory No. 4



Belorusskaya str., 19. Built in 1973. 


Residential units include 2 and 3-bed rooms (toilet and shower in the residential unit). The hostel is home to over 1,000 students, undergraduates from the faculties: Organic Substances Technology, Economic Engineering, Chemical Technology and Engineering, Forestry Engineering and Wood Technology, as well as to foreign students.


At the disposal of students there are following facilities: rooms for self-study, watching TV, playing sports, and a laundry. On each floor there is a kitchen with electric cookers. Next to the hostel there is a modern sports court with an artificial surface for mini-football and basketball playing. On the ground floor there is a large hall for a disco (“Zorachka”) and for other cultural events.

It has been created a local computer network with a connection to a scientific information computer network (NICS) which provides students with data transfer services and access to Internet resources. A single network permits students to prepare themselves for training sessions more effectively, and to exchange materials and necessary information inside the hostel.

Ideological and educational work in the dormitory No. 4 of the BSTU campus is carried out in accordance with the Code of the Republic of Belarus on Education, the Concept of Continuing Children and Student Education in the Republic of Belarus for 2011-2015, the recommendations of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, the approved plan of the IEW and BSTU programs for academic years 2015 / 2016.

The dormitory took part in the regional contests and was awarded diplomas for prize winning places. In the dormitory there are sports groups for basketball, volleyball, football. Dormitory №4 keeps the leadership in the athletic games among the hostels of the BSTU campus.

The dormitory number №4 curator is Organic Substances Technology Faculty.



The Head of the dormitory is Lyudmila Kruklinskaya.

Dormitory warden is Eninkova Tatyana.

Curators: Dymkovets Lyudmila - curator on the 5-6 floors.

Duda Irina - curator on the 2-4 floors respectively,

Oleinik Nina – the floors 8, 12, 13, rooms 1101-1108.

Finskaya Svetlana - 7, 9, 10, 1109-1116 respectively.



Dear students settled in the dormitory number 4.

We are glad to welcome you on behalf of the administration of the hostel and the student council.

You are settled in a friendly hostel!

We ask you to strictly follow the rules.

Warning - the student is subject to recovery for rule breach - reproof (reprimand), eviction from the hostel.

Hostel Documents


  1. Pay for the hostel on a timely basis;
  2. Carry out the instructions of the hostel management and the student council;

Ø show the pass to the porter at the hostel entrance;

Ø comply with the regime (entrance to the hostel for residents is from 06.00 to 24.00), be on duty on the floor and on the watch;

Ø carry out workings off and take part in volunteer clean-ups, do not store or drink alcohol;

Ø no smoking in the hostel;

Ø do not store or use drugs;

Ø do not store pneumatic guns, firearms or cold steel;

Ø do not store or use electrical appliances (electric kettle, electric cooker, electric heater)

Ø do not make noise;

Ø do not store flammable, air-polluting substances or objects;

Ø do not conduct experiments with chemicals;

Ø do not sit on the windowsills, do not illegally enter the hostel, do not run commercial activity in the hostel;

Ø protect the property of the hostel, move out from the hostel (according to the Rules).