Dormitory No. 5


The dormitory №5 of the BSTU (Belorusskaya str. 21) was put into operation in 1978. Within 2011-13, it was carried out the thermal rehabilitation and modernization of the building without the resettlement of students.

It is a 15-storey building, block-type - 212 residential units (424 rooms). Currently, it houses 1,027 students, among them 64 are foreigners (citizens of Turkmenistan, Iran, Syria, Sri Lanka).

Head of the dormitory is Tolkach Zoya.

Hostel warden is Syroyezhko Tatyana.


Smolskaya Tatiana, education – higher, work experience – 7 years.

Vereshchak Elena, education – higher, work experience – 5 years.

Lebedikova Irina, education – higher, work experience – 6 years.

On each floor there is a kitchen, a self-study room and a rest room.

On the basis of the hostel, there was created a canteen, a health center, a sanatorium-preventorium. To strengthen the physical health of students on the territory of the hostel there are sports grounds: volleyball, football, basketball. Next to the hostel there is the BSTU stadium.

It has been created a local computer network with a connection to a scientific information computer network (NICS) which provides students with data transfer services and access to Internet resources (420 points).

The dormitory repeatedly participated in district competitions and was awarded diplomas for prize winning places.

Ideological and educational work in the dormitory No. 5 of the BSTU campus is carried out in accordance with the Code of the Republic of Belarus on Education, the Concept of Continuing Children and Student Education in the Republic of Belarus for 2011-2015, the recommendations of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, the approved plan of the IEW and BSTU programs for academic years 2015 / 2016.

In the dormitory there are several groups on a voluntary basis: «Kind hostess», «Needlewoman», «Light Ball», «Floriculturist», «Patty», «Rook», «Basketball», etc.