At University a considerable attention is paid to the development of sport and physical educational and healthily work. Many students represented with dignity our university at important international and republican competitions.

In the world and Europe championship events the following students took part: Shchelokov V. (arm wrestling), Pushkina A. and Buloichik A. (sambo), Zhuromskaya E. (dance sport), Kuchinskiy S. and Rashchinskiy A. (ice hockey). Arm wrestling master sportsmen Belyi V. and Buzo O. became fourfold champions of the Republic of Belarus. The following students also became the winners of championship events of the Republic of Belarus: Avdonkin A. (Greco-Roman wrestling), Horbatovich V. (sambo), Moshkarev O. and Sakolchik A. (power-lifting), Musskiy V., Halaburda S., Shchelokov V., Noskovich D., Seredich A. (arm wrestling), Nevdakh Yu. (weightlifting).

During the latest 10 years the University has trained 18 master sportsmen of the Republic of Belarus, 67 candidates master of sports, 108 first-class sportsmen and 113 unpaid coaches.

Department of physical education and sports is responsible for sports-oriented and health and fitness activity at the BSTU. It includes lessons in sports sections and groups of sports improvement, competitions in training groups, competitions between faculties and halls of residence, participation in regional, urban, republican and international sports events and spartakiads among students and university staff.   

Competitions and sports parties carried out by the department attract a large number of participants and spectators which helps to involve them into participation of regular sports and physical activity.

Annually review competitions on the best staging of sports-oriented and health and fitness activity are organized and there is an all year round spartakiad on 10 kinds of sport (cross-country racing, swimming, ping-pong, mini-football, volleyball, basketball, draughts, chess, weight lifting and skiing race).

Tourism as one of the kind of relaxation activity is becoming popular every year. Tourist club Edelweiss has started its activity at the BSTU since 1977   where students, post graduates and teachers are active members. Members of the club regularly participate in hiking of different level of difficulty, walking and going sightseeing to the places of historical monuments and battle honor places, they take part in tourist multidiscipline competitions, in tourist rallies and celebrations, participate in walking, water and skiing hiking across the Republic of Belarus and out of its borders. Recently students have completed hiking across Ukraine, western Caucasus and Karelia. They have been to the Kola Peninsula and Abkhazia.

Students and staff of the university are engaged in the physical education and health sections on volleyball, football, basketball, table tennis, athletic gymnastics, swimming and general physical training.

Over 600 students are engaged in groups of sports improvement and physical education and health.

At the university and at the faculties sporting events, friendly meetings with other universities of the city in different kinds of sport, participating in important republican and international sports competitions, organizing of  skiing trips and meetings with famous athletes are very popular.

Sports-mass activity is also carried out with students living in dormitories. Competitions in the programme of the year-round Spartakiad of dormitories are held in 8 kinds of sport. These competitions are organized in two stages (in autumn and spring).

At the university considerable attention is paid to improving and expanding the sports base. So, in 2005 at the 2nd students’ dormitory the gym equipped with modern high-quality simulators was put into operation. About 200 students attend classes in this hall every day, improving their physical qualities and forming a beautiful and harmonious body.

Taking into account that the successful solution of tasks to improve the training of highly qualified specialists is closely connected with the strengthening of health and physical working capacity, the department of physical education and sports of the BSTU invites students to study in sports sections and health groups.