“Technolog” Sports Club

"Technolog" Sports Club is a structural subdivision of the educational work with youth and carries out activities on the development of physical education and sports among students, postgraduates, teachers and university staff in their free time from work. The Head of the Sports Club "Technolog" – Slinko Viktor.

The purpose of the sports club is to create favorable opportunities for satisfying the diverse interests of students and the university staff in the field of physical education and sports.
The main tasks of the sports club are:

  • creation of conditions for the development of physical education and sports and mass work in the university, the formation of a healthy image;
  • development and implementation of sports and health and sports programmes;
  • organization and holding of sports-mass events during free of studies time in students’ dormitories;
  • creation of physical education and sports amateur associations, clubs, groups and teams on sports, providing methodological and practical assistance in organizing their activities;
  • carrying out work on sports improvement of students, preparation and direction of national teams of the university to competitions;
  • creation for students-athletes of high-qualification necessary material and living conditions for combining their studies with active sporting activities.

The sports club is managed by the director of the sports club, appointed by the order of the rector.
For more information, contact the Department of Physical Education and Sports and Sports Club "Technolog" tel. +37517 327-41-63.