Our Achievements

Belarusian State Technological University (BSTU) is a large multidisciplinary educational and scientific center of the Republic of Belarus which provides training for future specialists in industrial and social spheres of economy. There are 31 first-cycle degree programs (majors), 62 minors of higher education, 37 Master’s degree programs, 27 vocational programs and 9 retraining programs.




In 2013 five colleges were affiliated with the university. 40 research laboratories and centers (14 of them have been formed for the last three years) are included in the university. 18 affiliated branches of departments and 34 BSTU educational research and production centers operate under the leading industrial enterprises of the country, 14 branches were formed in 2013–2014.

The Centre of collective use of the unique expensive equipment (Centre of physical and chemical investigation methods) which includes 8 research laboratories has been formed in BSTU. The university is accredited as the scientific organization by the State Committee for Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus and the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

New structural units were formed at the university in 2014: the Institute of Professional Development and Retraining, the Faculty of Information Technology, the Department of Informatics and Web-Design.

For the last 20 years the number of students has increased three times as much  and counts 14,000 people. The number of lecturers of BSTU who have PhD and D.Sc. degrees makes 75.4%.  There are 18 research and educational schools, 5 PhD and D.Sc. Certification Councils for 12 scientific profiles in the university. The university staff annually defend up to 25 PhD theses and 1–2 doctoral theses. 109 PhD and doctoral theses have been defended for the last 5 years.



In 2014 the funding of research work amounted to 27.1 billion BYN including 6.5 billion BYN from non-budgetary sources (the total amount of funding increased by 25.1% in comparison with 2013). The university carried out 406 financed research projects including 83 tasks from 9 state programs of scientific research, 31 tasks from 10 states and state scientific and technical regional programs.

Starting from their third year the students become widely involved in research work within their future professional activity. There is a steady demand for the BSTU graduates of all profiles on the labor market. All graduates trained on a non-fee-paying basis are provided with work places.

BSTU laboratories are equipped with unique equipment, high level computers and electronic resources, to carry out scientific research in accordance with international standards. The modern center of publishing, printing and information technologies has been created. The modern infrastructure of the university social and cultural life is successfully developing.




The university pays much attention to the development of sports facilities. In 2008 the sports complex was built. In September 2010, a stadium with a football field, running tracks, playgrounds with modern artificial coating were built. Projects of the construction of a multifunctional sports complex with a swimming pool, a game room and a gym, boxing and weightlifting halls, a ski centre and a health centre are being completed.

In 2005 the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus awarded the University the status of a leading higher educational institution in the field of forestry, chemical and printing industries. In 2007 the university was granted the status of a basic higher educational institution of the CIS in the fields of forestry and forest industry. Later it became a full member of the International Centre for Forestry and Forest (ICFFI).

In 2009 BSTU was the first among the Belarusian universities to introduce a Quality Management System holding two Conformity Certificates – National Conformity Certificate of STB ISO 9001-2009 and International Conformity Certificate of ISO 9001:2008. In 2010 the University was awarded the Government Prize for Quality Management.

The University was awarded the Honorary State Banner of the Republic of Belarus in 2010 for its outstanding sociocultural achievements and long-lasting traditions of training highly qualified personnel and in connection with the 80th anniversary of the foundation of BSTU.

According to the results of the years 2013, 2014 the University was awarded  the Honorary Diplomas of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus as the best University in the nominations “For high performance in the training of highly qualified scientific personnel” and “Ensuring a high-quality educational process, training of highly qualified specialists”.